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Chrony Ballistics III Software is designed to work with Microsoft's Windows Vista and 7





• Intel Pentium and later

Operating Systems:

•Windows Vista and 7


Minimum Memory³

• 512MB Windows Vista and 7

Available Hard Drive Space³

•512MB Windows Vista and 7


²Generally, if your computer performs well with one of the versions of Microsoft Windows® listed above, even if your processor is not from Intel, it is likely that Chrony Ballistics III Software will function properly on your system. New versions of Microsoft Windows® tend to require greater free system memory (RAM) and more hard disk space than earlier versions needed.


³Your system may function to your satisfaction with less memory. Generally, the more memory available, the better your system is likely to perform. Windows® performance may be affected by many factors. Since Windows® also can use your hard disk drive to temporarily store memory data, it is important to have sufficient free hard disk space available. For Chrony Ballistics III Software , allow about 25 megabytes during the installation and up to 14 megabytes for actual use, that is, in addition to Windows® requirements


Chrony Ballistics III Software has been used with many different configurations of Microsoft Windows® but has not been tested with every possible variation. ……”



  • Under Cartridges of the World select from hundreds of cartridges with drawings and dimensions
  • Under Factory Ammo choose from hundreds of cartridges with different bullet weights, bullet types, velocities, Ballistic Coefficients, and more
  • For the hand loader the Program has a list of Powders as well as recipe files and will compute Ballistic Coefficients for Custom Ammo
  • Provides space for all firearms you own, and then some
  • Compare Ammo performance on Comparison-Graph
  • Under Project Information enter the facts about your present project such as cartridge and bullet information, firearm used
  • Post velocity-data from your SHOOTING CHRONY chronograph and program will automatically display the statistics, such as Lo and Hi-velocities, average velocity, Extreme Spread and Standard Deviation. It will compute Chrony-velocity back to muzzle-velocity. File information and/or get printout
  • The TRAJECTORY GRAPH is a pool of information: It will display graphically the ammo in your current project. Just click on the view you want: Path, drift, energy and eleven other views are just a click away


  • The TRAJECTORY TABLE offers you the greatest choice regarding: Sight-in distance, and Range Intervals. The facts and figures will also reflect wind direction, sea-level, and scope-info entered. Get print-out of Trajectory Table, use the SHOOTING SIMULATOR, compute recoil, get Viewpoint of aim and more. The Trajectory Table will display all computations of your project, such as: Bullet-path, drift, velocities, energy, time of flight, IPSC Power, Hatcher's Power, Taylor's Knockdown and optimal game weight, and all of the above at all Range Intervals.


  • HELP is available anywhere by pressing [F1]. This gives you quick advise on how to use the program;
  • Advanced computation options for the mathematically inclined let you compute your trajectory, using your choice of integration method. This lets you treat 2nd order effects such as headwinds and tailwinds and detailed effects of shootting uphill or downhill such as change in gravitational potential energy. Choose the integration method you want and enter a time step.
  • Download velocities from your Beta, Beta Master, or Gamma, Gamma Master Chrony onto your project (with the help of our optional IBM/PC INTERFACE). After that, get print-out of one string of velocities, two strings of velocities, or print all of them.



  • Add new Ammo data to list of Factory Ammo
  • Scan new cartridge drawings (or any pictures) and add them to the program (Scanner not included)
  • Save the results from the Simulator Screen with your project and/or get a print-out of same
  • This program is written in VISUAL BASIC 6
  • HELP BUTTONS give access to info at whatever program location you are.

The Trajectory Table shows you exactly where your bullett will go and how much punch it will have downrange. Guesswork is gone. Now you know exactly where to aim.



If it doesn't unfold, it's not a Chrony®
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