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The Complete Line of Chrony - Chronographs sold in the USA and Worldwide will be Lead-Free and meet ROHS regulations starting January 1st, 2007


Welcome to the web-site of the original SHOOTING CHRONY® (since 1987). All of its legitimate offspring are listed and described on this website.

Other chronograph makers who use the description '.............. chrony' for their products are trying to hitch a ride on our name, reputation, and success.

Every SHOOTING CHRONY® measures the speed of bullets, arrows, shotgun & airgun pellets, paintballs, et cetera, from 30/fps. to 7000/fps. and with better than 99.5% accuracy.

A SHOOTING CHRONY® chronograph completes your reloading needs at an affordable price. It can go with you anywhere. Just unfold (like a book), mount onto a tripod or place on a table, insert diffusers (if required) and shoot in less than 2 minutes.


If it doesn't unfold, it's not a Chrony®
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